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Discussion in 'Server Announcements' started by N00bSkills, Jan 27, 2018.

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    The time has come, the new website is finally completed! It's a big improvement from the last one and I think that this looks amazing!

    Regarding upcoming updates!
    We are getting a lot of new and unique features, some of them are bosses. Some of the bosses are shown at the top of the thread. You can find and fight the bosses in the warzone. There will be one main boss that spawns every 3 hour. Next thing is we are adding Relics, short explained: They are a item you can have in your inventory. How it works is that it can hold an amount of XP, let's say you get a common relic. On the common relic it will probaly say something like 0/5000 XP Collected. Now in order to get the loot from the relic you have to get 5000 XP. When you've got 5000 XP you will then be given rewards. We think this is a great way to expand the usage of XP.

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